Testimoni About Blitz Production

Ryoya Fudetani has worked in scenographic design with lightning since 2005, after he had experienced design in architectonics field, interiors and displays design, and scenographic design of events and exhibitions.His scenographic design with lightning does not limit its application field. He has lighted stages of, BABY-Q , Kakuya Ohashi and dancersand 子供鉅人 (Kodomo Kyojin),etc. as well as he worked in a building design of BREEZE BREEZE interactively collaborating with “graf”, lighted art works, photos and movies, and hosted workshops on lights.Not only as a lighting designer but also their creative member, he has joined various activities in the world, including "PARIS PHOTO," an art fair held in Musee du Louvre of Paris, "Attakkalari India Biennial 2013" held by contemporary dance group ATTAKKALARI working in Bangalore, India, Indonesian international dance festival, "Cortex," and” machine” the project by Choy Ka Fai of Singapore.
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